Legend of the Bay Rum

Legend tells that on a dark and stormy night a lonesome ship sailed around the Cape of Storms, carrying a priceless treasure: a wooden barrel filled with West Indian Bay Rum.

As the great storm raged, the beggared ship started to tear into pieces, sending the crew and their precious cargo to a dark and watery grave in Table Bay. Many believe that their lost souls still guard the remnants of their divine treasure, unable to fulfill their quest.

To this day there have been no traces found of the wreck nor has any man managed to track down the origin of the doomed ship, but the spirit of the mysterious Bay Rum lives on through the distinctive quality found in our products.

All Dark Waters products are proudly handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, in small batches using only the finest top quality ingredients. Our product ranges include Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Pre Shave Oil, Cologne, Bay Rum Aftershave, Beard & Hair Tonic, Beard & Face Wash and Beard Combs to tame even the most fearsome of beards.

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